Nashville Music Photographer Jon KarrI am a Nashville photographer who specializes in making musicians look good.

I’ve always loved two things: music and photography.  I’ve been doing both for as long as I can remember, and they always seemed to complement one another perfectly. However, I’ve found that it can sometimes be difficult for a musician to have photography work in their favor (train tracks). Working in the music industry has taught me that you will often be seen before you are heard. Great photos will ensure that your audience hits play.

My goal is to represent an artist visually in the same way that they represent themselves musically. The photos I take are collaborations, only possible with the inspiration of truly talented people, doing what they do and allowing me to participate. It’s my hope that you will hear these photos as much as you see them.

Jon Karr is a pretty happy guy who lives in East Nashville with his lovely wife, adorable daughter, and twin boys. He has worked as the Music Editor for New York Minute Magazine, exclusive photographer for Musicians Corner Nashville. Past clients include CMT, Alabama (the band, not the state), Native, American Songwriter, The Tennesseean, The Boston Globe, Red Bull, Pen and Public, Musicians Corner, Barge Designs, and more. He is available for hire, unless you’re interested in train tracks.

Available for Promotional, Commercial, Portrait, and Live Event work. Please contact for rates and availability.

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